I'm Rushil

And this
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"The difference between genius and stupidity, is genius has its limits" - Albert Einstein

Divulgence (n.)

1. To make known
2. To proclaim publicly

H i! I'm Rushil Umaretiya, sole proprietor of CrucialNET. Welcome to my eponymous abode, I spent quite a while working on this, so my Dad said that it should be good, or I'd get a थप्पड़. Let's start from the beginning, I’m in 4th grade and I have some great neighbors who are willing to teach me and a bunch of other 4th graders Scratch, a block based graphic language that is used to teach the basics of computer programming, such as basic loops and if/else statements. By 5th grade I'm fluent in Scratch, and I want to learn more, so like any other normal 5th grader I take a 8-week course in web development. I decide that making websites is fun, but there is more, so as I delve further into coding in my free time, I decide that learning Java would be a could next step, so I return to my neighbors who teach me Java through Minecraft modding (It kept my 10 year-old mind occupied). With a foothold in Java I create some really cool Minecraft things, and decide that the best course of action would be learning more languages, and even though I realized that it would be quite the while before I was able to anything substantial with this newfound knowledge I knew that learning how to code teaches one how to think, and I would be more than ready when the time came to use my knowledge. So I kept learning, and taking more and more in: from the simplicity of Ruby to the depths of SQL. By this time I was in 7th grade, and I was realizing that the workload was catching up. I quickly realized that some of my peers were taken by surprise, slowly falling behind, while others seemed ready for this for years. This left me completely disheartened, and I realized that the one-size-fits-all mindset of the American education system was leaving too many people behind. So I decided that I would finally decide to do something about this, and began a completely free tutoring service.
Making it free was one of the things that really pushed it the extra mile for me, allowing myself to give many students who weren’t compatible with the learning system a second chance at showing their strength, and not being able to harmonize with the static flow of the current educational standards was nothing to be ashamed about, but really just something that deserves a different point of view than what was originally fed to the student, because there is no person without potential to progress. I Currently I have 13 students who I consult, some coming once a month to twice a week, ranging from sophomore to 7th grade, on a myriad of subjects. And this becomes a mutualistic relationship, because just as they are learning, so am I, constantly, from new techniques to different perspectives on a subject. And even through tutoring I was still able to indulge in my other hobbies, especially Arduino, something I’ve always seen as too difficult, but after getting a starter kit, it turned out to be pretty simple, so I built myself an alarm clock, and then designed a audio input to frequency board that I plugged into a LED strip creating a stunning linear visualizer. Just as I’ve learned Arduino, I’ve also learned a great deal about game development, mainly through Unity, and created quite a few 2D and 3D games on multiple platforms. I am currently working app development for my latest project, FromMeToYou which you can read more about on The Archives, my personal blog, or right here. You’ve made it to the end! As a little secret if you click the fifty-third word in this biography you can get a surprise. If you wish to contact me for any reason whatsoever please do so at [email protected] or click here. You can find my resume right here or at the top of the page, and I urge you to visit my personal blog, The Archives, where I try to post as much as I can. I look forward to making your acquaintance,


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